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Repayment calculator

This calculator illustrates the potential impact of switching from Interest Only to a Repayment mortgage. Simply enter the key details about your mortgage and the tool will illustrate the differences between these two payment methods.

With a Repayment mortgage, your monthly payments will be higher as they cover the interest on the amount you've borrowed and they will also reduce the balance of your loan. However, provided you stay on track with your monthly payments, your mortgage will be completely paid off at the end of the term.

Your current mortgage






Flexible term

Alter the remaining term to illustrate the effect on your monthly payments, interest paid and total amount payable over the term.




The maximum term available to you is your
current mortgage term.

Calculation results

Interest Only Repayment Mortgage
Current term Current term Chosen term
Monthly Payment
Total interest amount payable over term
Balance owed at end of term
Total amount payable over term (Capital plus Interest)
Saving in total amount payable compared to Interest-only n/a

Please note – these figures are an illustration only and do not take into account changes in interest rates throughout the mortgage term. The total amount payable does not include any fees and charges that may also be applicable over the term or on redemption.

Next Steps
For more information about switching to a Repayment mortgage, please contact us as soon as possible.

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