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This tool illustrates the positive effect that making overpayments can have on your mortgage. Simply enter some basic details about your mortgage and the amount you can afford to overpay. Whether it's a regular monthly overpayment or a one-off amount, you might be surprised how much difference it makes.

Simply insert your outstanding mortgage balance, current interest rate and remaining term.

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Please note – the calculator assumes your current interest rate will remain the same over the remaining term of your mortgage. In reality, interest rates could rise and fall and this will affect the amount you overpay. Please refer to your original terms and conditions to see if you are eligible to make overpayments.

While there are clear financial benefits to overpaying your mortgage, you should not overpay more than you can afford. If you have other outstanding debts, like credit cards or personal loans, consider if it would be better paying these off first – especially if the interest rate you are being charged on them is higher than that applying to your mortgage. If you have any queries, we recommend you speak to an independent financial adviser.

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For more information about making overpayments, please contact us as soon as possible.

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