Airdrie Savings Bank FAQs

Who are Whistletree?

Whistletree is a trading name of TSB Bank plc.

You'll notice the Whistletree name on our letters, and you'll be talking to the Whistletree team when you call us.

When did my account move to Whistletree?

Your account legally transferred to Whistletree on 2 May 2017, and has been managed by Whistletree from this date.

What is meant by 'your account'?

'Your account' is a broad phrase which covers your mortgage, loan or even both.

Has the whole of my mortgage moved?

Yes, all parts of your mortgage have moved to Whistletree.

A mortgage can be made up of more than one part, or sub-account. For example, it could be made up of a main mortgage plus additional accounts, be split between different products, or be part interest-only and part repayment.

Can I request that my account remains with Airdrie?

There's no option for your account to remain with Airdrie, but you can rest assured the transition will be seamless.

Have my terms and conditions changed?

No, when your account moved to Whistletree the terms and conditions stayed the same. From time to time we do review our terms and conditions, and any changes made in the future will be made in accordance with your terms and conditions.

How will my account be managed?

Your account will be managed by our highly trained dedicated Customer Service team. Customer service is very important to us, so in time, we may review how things are working to make them even better.

Who will be responsible for protecting my personal data?

TSB Bank plc will be your new Data Controller, operating under the Whistletree trading name. TSB will only share your information with third parties who manage your account on their behalf.

You can find the Whistletree Data Privacy Notice at

Will my monthly repayment amount and interest rate change as part of the move to Whistletree?

No. There won't be any changes as a result of moving to Whistletree. And the move won't affect any charges that have already been agreed in relation to your account.

Will my interest rate change in the future?

While the Bank of England Base Rate has been consistently low for many years, if it changes and your mortgage is linked to this rate, it could impact your interest rate. If interest rates do change in the future, we'll write to let you know.

Who will set interest rates in the future?

From 2 May 2017, Whistletree will have ongoing responsibility for setting and changing interest rates, charges and standard costs. For example, any variable interest rate that Airdrie previously set and changed (called a lender variable rate) will be managed by Whistletree.

I have a guarantor on my mortgage. Will this arrangement be affected?

The only difference will be that references to your previous lender in the guarantee should read as: Whistletree, a trading name of TSB Bank plc. The other terms and conditions of the guarantee will stay the same. Please let your guarantor know that your mortgage has moved to Whistletree.

Can I speak to someone about my account at a TSB branch?

We’ve invested in a highly trained, dedicated customer service team who have access to all of your account details. You can reach them on 0345 111 0325*, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (Personal Customers) or on 0345 835 3858*, 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday (Commercial Customers) and they'll be happy to help you.

TSB branches don't have access to your Whistletree account details, so they won't be able to help you with any queries.

Do I need to change my Direct Debit?

Yes, if you have an Airdrie current account you will need to open a new account to set up your Direct Debit.

If your account is already with another provider your Direct Debit will automatically update to the new Whistletree bank account details and the service you receive won't be affected. Please don't amend or cancel your Direct Debit. The only change you will notice is that with effect from 2 May 2017, we will collect your Direct Debits instead of Airdrie and therefore Whistletree will appear on your bank/building society statement.

Any future Direct Debits will show as Whistletree on your statement instead of Airdrie.

Your rights under the Direct Debit Guarantee are unaffected as all obligations under its terms will automatically transfer to Whistletree. There is no need for you to complete a new Direct Debit instruction as details of the change will have been supplied to your bank, who may also notify you, independently. Additionally you may also see a comment on your bank statement advising you of the final payment under the old name details and the first payment under the new name/details.

If you have a variable rate mortgage and there is a change to the interest rate, you will now be given 4 days notice before your direct debit payment instruction is changed instead of 10 days. This happens automatically and you will not need to take any action.

If you have any questions about your Direct Debit please call 0345 111 0325*, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (Personal Customers) or 0345 835 3858*, 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday (Commercial Customers).

How can I make a manual payment?

Personal mortgage customers
Please use these account details:
Account No: 80149790
Sort Code: 51-70-19
Cheques payable to: Whistletree

Personal Term Loan customers
Please use these account details:
Account No: 80149804
Sort Code: 51-70-19
Cheques payable to: Whistletree

Commercial customers
Please use these account details:
Account No: 80149812
Sort Code: 51-70-19
Cheques payable to: Whistletree


What is a manual payment?

Manual payments are any payments made online, by cheque, or via a bank branch or telephone banking.
These payments may also be called BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments or Standing Orders.
Don’t forget manual payments will take time to clear, so you need to allow for this – find out more information about timings of manual payments.

What number do I call to make a payment by phone?

If you want to make a payment over the phone please call:

Personal Customers
0345 111 0325*, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Commercial Customers
0345 111 0326*, 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday

When will I receive my annual mortgage statement?

If you are due to receive your annual mortgage statement in May, this will be issued by Airdrie prior to your account transferring to Whistletree.

Whistletree will issue your first statement in June 2017 and every June thereafter. This may mean that you will receive two statements in a short period.